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JUST SAYS offers a variety of services to meet your Maintenance needs. We at Just Says believe that no project is big or small. From calculating estimates all the way to final job completion and beyond, we try our best to not leave any stone unturned in providing the best solution at most affordable price.

While we are at the forefront of and specialize in all Maintenance services, we are your source for every installation, remodel, repair and maintenance needs. We see our Growth in the growth of our clients. The edifice of the organization was laid with the belief of providing customized services to our Clients individually or integrated with benchmarked service delivery standards. We are a professionally managed organization and strive to provide innovative and unique solutions catering to every need of our customers pertaining to interior maintenance services. Check out our varied services to help us meet your goals.

We provide interior maintenance services to keep the nuts and bolts of your residential/commercial properties running smoothly. Our mission is to serve client with timely response and quality of service. We can provide fixes for last-minute problems as well as monthly routine maintenance to catch problems before they begin. Just Says promises to deliver, meet and exceed your expectations.

JUST SAYS is your one stop service shop where all your maintenance hassles meet and end!

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Vital to every home and commercial property is a safe and well-functioning electrical system. Acquire professional assistance for all your electrical work and resist the temptation to tackle any of it yourself. Whether your project involves installation of an entirely new electrical system, have repairs, retrofits, or any other electrical issue, our experienced team is here to ensure you receive top quality electrical assistance.


Maintenance is crucial to extending the life of your plumbing system and making sure everything flows smoothly in your home. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and to providing quality work that benefits your property. We don’t just partially clean your system and do the minimal amount of work; instead, we completely evaluate your property’s plumbing system and provide thorough cleaning and maintenance checks around your schedule.


A lot of time and energy is invested in maintaining the wood work of a property. There might be a squeaky door -hinge or a broken door knob that needs your attention. The work from home era is here and it’s becoming all the more difficult to keep up with these tasks given our hectic schedules. We got you covered. We actively manage the budget development process, provide timely input and methods, alternatives to materials and provide design solutions for various products as per your needs.


Interiors and décor are an important part of setting the aesthetic of your property. Revamp and enhance your properties by taking advantage of our painting services. Our professional team will help you achieve the desired aesthetics. Our team will provide cost estimates, help generate the right color palettes, textures, and finishes for your space, and take the project to completion.

AC Service

Air Conditioning is now a necessity which we cannot avoid. Which is why our air conditioners work overtime and various issues like leak in your AC, foul odors, sounds from the AC or your AC is not cooling sufficiently etc. arise. Our professional experts are here to keep you cool and comfortable by offering the correct solutions to suite your needs.


We offer security solutions in terms of CCTV cameras and help develop the security systems to safeguard your properties. From small office/shop sets to residential and large commercial properties we offer customized solutions from choosing the right camera to streamlining your security feeds.


Just as a building is incomplete without a sturdy roof, home interiors are incomplete without a good ceiling. Our experienced team will help you achieve the desired aesthetics in terms of patterns, finishes, technology and creating illusions. We install and maintain wall POPs and false ceilings using POP or Gypsum.


Our annual maintenance contract program provides your premise with an extra measure of protection by offering complete, well planned preventive maintenance that is centrally managed by our dedicated staff. By understanding the demands of our clients in the best possible manner, we are readily immersed in offering best possible service to our clients.

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